Play “Why?” the car game for adults stupid enough to drive further than their local Pizza Express with their kids

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This week my two year old has discovered the endless edutainment value of constantly asking “why?”During today’s seemingly endless car journey out numbered by a 4 month old and a two year old in tow, I decided to play along.
Why are there so many speed bumps on London roads? What’s the bloody point of them? Has anyone ever driven down a road in London at speed?
Why is there a kids ride on machine at the entrance to Warwick Services and why doesn’t the bloody thing take card? Why don’t they fire the profit grabbing little git that put it there. Welcome break, my arse.

Why is there poo on my new wool jumper and none in the baby’s nappy? None.

Why am I wedged between two cars? Oh, because the car next to us has parked so close that I couldn’t open the car door and had to do a chest pass to get the baby into her seat and now I’m stuck. Why do I only ever dent the petrol cap on cars I can’t afford? If you see a car seat, park somewhere else.

Why are we still an hour away? We were forty five minutes away an hour ago.

Why are both the girls awake at 11.00pm? Oh that’s right, because I enforced a 4 hour car sleep on them.

Why not pass the time on your ill advised long car journey and play along. Share your best answers in the comments section.

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