Becoming A Social Media Mumpreneur – Back to School

According to George Washington Carever (Sadly not THE George Washington but I’m sure Mr First President would have agreed with him wholeheartedly) “Education is the key to unlock the Golden Door to Freedom” Well my front door is Farrow and Ball card room green, and if I’m honest it could do with a fresh coat but the sentiment still resonates.I am now in week 7 of a 20 week Strategic Social Manager Course with Digital Mums. Signing on to Digital Mums was all about giving me a day or two off the cycle of abuse, commonly referred to as being a stay at home mum, it would also teach me a craft I can use to build my own business and free me forever financially from the draw of the corporate world.

I have been apprenticed to a “real” client and during the course I have to submit lengthy assignments applying the content of weekly online tutorials to my client’s business. Being answerable to a client with a real business need for social media makes the program relevant and demanding. The downside is, its demanding and I am answerable to both a real life client who I need to impress because I want them as a reference at the end AND by a 15 month old who I need to impress because I don’t want to be responsible for their Calpol dependency developing into a crack habit by the time they are 15.

Studying after having a child is interesting, my attention span has regressed to that of a Jack Russell. I find myself humming Mr Tumble’s “What can you do with friends?” then really pondering the answer to the question before realising the tutorial has finished and I am still none the wiser on how to use build a marketing campaign on Periscope, whatever that is! On the flip side I have a new found mum super power, pre child I would sit and stress for hours before getting on with my work and mull over every single sentence of an e-mail before sending it, but these days I just seem to be able to get on with it, mainly because I have to fit it in immediately there an then or it just won’t get done. Much like post kid sex.

Must dash, assignments due.

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